Guitar: Fun with DADGAD Tuning

This is another alternate guitar tuning. As opposed to Double Drop D tuning, this one tunes both E strings down to D and the G string down to A. You can pretty much strum all of the open strings and it sounds really good. Then you can learn a few simple chord shapes and move them up and down the fretboard for fun. It’s not exactly a song, but it’s really enjoyable to play.

Weekend Trip to Austin

Sometimes the daily grind becomes too much and I need to spend a little time away from home. It’s not that I need a big, grand adventure. I just need a nice change of scenery. For times like this, I often find myself driving south a few hours to rest and relax in my favorite Texas town. Lately, I’ve been bringing my camera along for a little photo fun.

Milky Way in Marfa, Texas

When you live in a big, bright city like Dallas you don’t get to appreciate the Milky Way… because you simply can’t see it. But when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, somewhere between Marfa and Alpine, Texas, you get to take pictures like this one! Definitely a magnificent site to behold!

Thanks-Giving Square Chapel

Until this morning, I never knew this amazing place existed. It’s called Thanks-Giving Square. It’s a terraced triangular park in the center of downtown Dallas. There’s a beautiful nautilus-shaped chapel with stained glass windows going up in a spiral pattern to the “glory window” at the very top. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Blueprints at Addison Circle Sculpture

There’s an amazing sculpture in my neighborhood right in the middle of a busy traffic roundabout. It resembles the branches of an oak tree grove. I’ve taken photographs of it many times, at various times of the day and year. It has a lot of historical references to the Town of Addison, Texas. Each section has an architectural diagram about unique places throughout the area. If you look closely, you can see diagrams of the old sawmill and water treatment facility.