Happy 50th Birthday to Mark!

I was recently asked by the wife of my good friend and business partner, Mark Reeves, to put together a short video to surprise him for his 50th birthday. I knew immediately that I was going to do something fun since his birthday was in the middle of the pandemic, and we could all use a good laugh about now. I also knew that I wanted to stretch my wings a bit with my recent Adobe After Effects training. I found a tutorial on YouTube explaining how to create those silly Monty Python animations where the mouth moves up and down timed to someone talking. This is the result. Happy 50th birthday to Mark!

Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects

I’ve been learning how to do rotoscoping in the latest version of Adobe After Effects. Here’s a simple example I put together tonight. I’m looking forward to experimenting a lot more with it. The stock video footage is courtesy of Pexels and the music track is “Dub Trippin” by MK2 from the YouTube Audio Library.

Relearning Adobe Premiere Pro

I’ve recently subscribed to the entire Adobe Creative Suite and have been brushing up on my video editing skills with Premiere Pro (which I used to teach many years ago). I’ve already started doing some freelance work by editing some videos for my friend Kevin Lamping‘s “WebdriverIO Web App Testing” course (coming soon to a computer near you). It feels great to be doing some multimedia work again! I forgot how much I enjoy putting all of this together.

Floating Virtual Singers

I saw a creative video animation today and decided to recreate it in DaVinci Resolve. This is the final result using stock video footage and music. It’s pretty close, but I need to figure out how to add drop shadows (or a dark outer glow) to the floating videos. This could be used for one of those virtual choir videos where all of the beautiful singers go floating along in an interesting pattern. The stock video footage is courtesy of Pexels and the music track is “Escape” by Eveningland from the YouTube Audio Library.

Learning DaVinci Resolve

I’ve been learning more video editing skills with DaVinci Resolve. Tonight’s fun experiment involves grids, overlays, and transitions using a handful of stock video footage. The stock video footage is courtesy of Pexels and the music track is “Stranger Danger” by Francis Preve from the YouTube Audio Library.