Learning DaVinci Resolve

I’ve been learning more video editing skills with DaVinci Resolve. Tonight’s fun experiment involves grids, overlays, and transitions using a handful of stock video footage. The stock video footage is courtesy of Pexels and the music track is “Stranger Danger” by Francis Preve from the YouTube Audio Library.

Responsive Web Design: A Gentle Introduction

Are you new to the whole responsive web design thing? Have you been required to build a responsive website at work, but you’re not sure where to start? Are you somewhat skeptical about fitting a responsive workflow into your organization? Whatever your situation happens to be, you’ve come to the right place. In this video training course we explore the topic of responsive web design—what it is and how it’s done. We also take a detailed look at a responsive starter kit that can help you get started in your own responsive projects. Finally, we discuss some ways to explore the topic further with some helpful resources and additional training.

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Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

We previously wrote about changes in workflow and basic techniques of responsive web design, so now let’s dive into something more challenging: optimizing website performance for mobile. While we’re adding complexity, let’s go ahead and add a dash of legacy browser support as well. This may seem like an odd mix of requirements, but let’s face it: Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we have to simultaneously forge ahead with modern technologies while ensuring that we don’t forget about site visitors with less capable browsers.

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Responsive Web Design – The Basics

In a previous post, we discussed how responsive web design can require changes in workflow and strategy. In Ethan Marcotte’s groundbreaking article published on the blog A List Apart, he helped us think about the web in a more flexible way, where the display of all-important content can adapt to the capabilities of devices instead of being boxed in by fixed-width, inflexible layouts. Let’s take a look at each of Ethan’s three original technical ingredients and see what they can do for us.

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The Five Stages of Responsive Web Design

For the past 15 years or so I’ve made a living building carefully handcrafted, pixel-precise websites. I’ve absolutely loved the challenge of tackling even the most daunting visual designs handed to me by talented web designers. You know the kind of websites I’m referring to…. They look more like a printed work of art and less like a simple word-processed document with text and decorative clip art. Irregular column widths, multiple overlapping graphics, endless variation from one page to the next, all wrapped in a fly-out navigation structure three levels deep—and it needs to look the same in a dozen browsers. No problem… how soon can I start?

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